About Me

Hey You! I'm Aisha Your System Strategist and have been called The Automation Queen.

I hold a BBA in Computer Information Systems with over 20 years in the IT industry. My background is in Program/Project Management, Data Analysis, and Process Engineer, and well-versed in solutions development, digital transformation, decision-making guidance, statistical analysis, and data storytelling.

A highly efficient professional with capabilities in organization, written/verbal communications, multitasking, and complex problem-solving. Give me the opportunity to use my creativity and attention to detail to elevate your business.

Over my years in IT, I have gained expertise in various Microsoft applications and hold a Microsoft Data Analyst Associate certification. As a detail-focused and dedicated leader with expertise in advanced analytics, machine learning, and optimization, I will be able to set up your system and automate your business processes.

My goal is to give you back the freedom you need to grow your business with ease. I'm passionate about helping creative high-performing entrepreneurs create exceptional business support experiences and implementing design-thinking strategical systems that will turn your business into a machine for generating profits! 

What can I do for you

I will help you gain back your time, achieve a peace of mind, and provide clarity to scale your business.

Get  to know Me

Learn about my Personality Profiles

Always Family First - My family is the reason I do everything!

Clear and Open Communication - Being an Active Listener is so important to me because it is listening to learn and understand.

Integrity - I will be committed to high quality elevated service, showing empathy and being honest.

Passion - I have discovered my passion.  I enjoy what I do and I want everyone around me to be creative, bold and innovative.

My Core Values

My Personality Profiles

Gallup's Clifton StrengthsFinder Top 5 - Connectedness, Achiever, Futuristic, Positivity, and Strategic

16 Personalities type - Sentinels/Defender ISFJ-T...Very dedicated and warm protectors, always ready to defend their loved ones.

Rocket Fuel - Integrator = 79 Visionary = 77

Koble A score = 7-7-3-3

Learn about my life and family

My Life and Family

I'm a Wife and Mother to two daughters (20 and 8 years of age).

I enjoy taking family trips and our traditional Family portraits.

I love drinking coffee and red wine.

My family loves for me to cook mac & cheese.

I am a multi-passionate person...I love being a creator and have designed my own shoes ( actually got them made), started a scented candle business (I pray to re-open it soon), and now helping other creatives with elevated business operations experiences.

My Core Values

Are you ready to             your business?